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 Condor Kinetic roof ventilators and roof ventilation systems

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Ventilation Products & Concepts

infographic performance modes for Condor Roof Ventilators  
with pressure responsive - motionless - multi venturi - technology  
residential roof ventilation
Commercial roof ventilation
Indoor Pool & Indoor spa ventilation systems
Special vents for specialized venting projects
anti downdraft cowls for slow combustion stoves and smoking fireplaces
skylights -condor

Architectural Notes


Architectural Notes are assembled predominantly for the architectural and engineering disciplines


The Condor design platform is referenced on natural phenomena (natural energy such as wind, sun, heat) in the development and performance of their products.

Stainless steel is the preferred material for Condor products thus avoiding material degradation requiring repair or replacement

All Condor architectural products are manufactured in Australia.

Condor products are not rebadged products and have a full warranty.



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Does Roof Ventilation Work

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Ventilation Products

Commercial /Industrial
Pool & Spa
Ceiling Vents
Raked Ceilings
Skillion Roof
Fire Flue Systems



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