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Now a good time to ask ventilation professionals .....before you do it....because installing a ventilation system on presumption is not the smartest way of doing things ....

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Condor Kinetic has been consulting architects and engineers on residential, commercial, industrial and domestic roof ventilation systems and roof ventilator products since 1985

The Condor Kinetic architectural range of cyclone rated roof ventilators, residential cupolas, commercial & industrial roof ventilation systems, are considered to be the best concepts and products available in ventilation products & equipment.

Condor's unique range of passive, static and positive roof ventilation products & equipment, designed and manufactured in stainless steel, and ideal for all Australian regions, including cyclonic, and coastal areas.

All Condor Kinetic ventilation products are designed and manufactured in Australia.
Condor believes your selection should focus on quality and performance so as to encourage high standards
Condor do not rebadge, or rebrand, ventilation products manufactured on or offshore and infer them as their own

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