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Ventilating your home with Ceiling & Wall Vents

There are three types of ceiling vents or ceiling registers, in the main you will have seen two types, those that are designed to be used in ducted air conditioning and those sold in hardware stores.

95% of the ceiling vents sold in hardware stores are vents priced for the naive consumer who knows next to nothing about what he/she is attempting to do. The rest will likely have a short use by date especially if moving parts are involved

The type used in air conditioning are designed for air delivery under pressure, normally a set and forget unit provided with the package.
They are not designed for atmospheric natural ventilation, so whereas the name may be the same itís design function is not, but hey, like religion, youíre entitled to believe as you choose.

The hardware store type ceiling vent or wall vent is a product providing the bare minimum in performance and reliability at a price, here again, believe as you choose at your own risk.

A vent with very small apertures is guaranteed to require constant cleaning to free it of dust adhesion not to mention high resistance to air flow
The type you donít see are those designed and constructed to be adjustable, with long life, good flow efficiency and low resistance, being the most suited to the purpose of natural ventilation particularly in the home

A high efficiency low resistance ceiling vent is not only serviceable and adjustable, but is also a precision unit likely to be made of steel as opposed to plastic as moveable parts do not fare well in plastic.
It is highly unlikely you will find an efficient ceiling vent or register, such as the one mentioned, in a hardware store that has a high life expectancy. The plasicizers migrate out of the plastic rendering it brittle with discolouration

In short plastic vents with movable parts have a short use by date.

Itís these little things, such as a ceiling registers or ceiling vents, that provide greater comfort levels, not to mention healthier environment, without having to continually maintain or replace them every change of season

You may ask, how did we get by without them?Öwe didnít. All houses built up to the sixties and seventies had wall vents.

The disadvantage of this manner of venting in that they were fixed. Great for keeping your home cool in summer but not so great in winter particularly with the higher costs in heating.

The presence of good ventilation systems allows doors to open and close easier, and by allowing efficient air displacement, rooms are fresher with less odour retention, a lighter less oppressive feel about the area.

Its the little things that are barely noticed that often make the biggest difference and closable ceiling vents or ceiling registers is one of them.

A good ventilation system in the home promotes well being and good health particularly in bedrooms during the sleep cycle

Thereís little point to exercising in the morning, jogging and the like, to increase your fresh air intake if youíre going to spend the eight hours before breathing spent stale air


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