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Conjecture & Supposition by Isa Stralian

There was a time early in my career as a designer specialising in new materials and processes, one of them being sound absorption and attenuation, when I was asked to investigate a situation where a woman was complaining of a high pitched noise in her area causing her untold grief when attempting to sleep in the evening

The University had gone out with their sophisticated noise detection equipment and found nothing. It was presumed at the time that she may benefit by sound proofing her room in an appropriate manner.

After a couple of interviews with the woman where she was obviously distraut and beginning to believe that she was being fobbed off by all and any involved....the city council, the EPA, the University.

I assured her that there was no doubt in my mind that she was hearing what she claimed to be hearing, but would she indulge me by visiting her dentist and asking him to check the alignment of her teeth as regards to pressure on the nerves.

Because she had a molar removed some six months prior her her jaw began to misalign and her teeth were starting to grind causing uneven pressure on the nerves connecting to the aural canal.

The teeth were corrected, the jaw realigned and the distressing sound gone.

I make mention of this experience so as to amplify the fact that all things may not be as they initially seem and very often the answer may be elsewhere.

I can only emphasise that an accurate assessment of any problem is essential to determining the correct solution.

Google will never have the assessing capabilities of an experienced professional in the industry


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