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Ignorance sells best…..

A professional has a difficult time in lying about his/her area of expertise…..why? you may ask ….because when they spend years in learning the facts on which their profession is to be based on, it’s actually very difficult to ignore that awareness and pretend it doesn't exist when trying to advantage themselves through deception.

This is not to say that professionals are above misrepresenting facts, quite the contrary, only that they are likely to be unconvincing in their attempt about matters regarding their expertise as to the facts within their profession.

The most convincing salesman is one who believes in what they are saying about that which they are selling.

You take a relatively unaware individual, program him/ her with ‘the facts’ you wish them to be aware of and they will repeat those ‘facts’ with the conviction of their belief…….ergo a convincing salesman….simply because he is conveying the story honestly. He/she is not aware that the information being conveyed is not true and therefore is likely to be almost emphatic in his/her sincerity.

That is when you inquire about their history in the industry

An informed individual will know what the salesperson is saying is not true however very few are informed sufficiently well enough to question what is being said, especially if what is being presented is what they want to believe.

A professional liar on the other hand can be convincing with most of what he/she says because they employ a degree of charm which encourages you to overlook any warning signs as being simply apprehension without cause.

You are encouraged to deceive yourself because in wanting the conceptual product, or something like it, you’re already half way into the purchase unless the warning signs become to intense to ignore.

An industry professional will always answer the question and not try to deflect you to some trivia that contributes very little to the answer.


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