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Venting under a Skillion Roof


A skillion roof on a house is a shallow pitched roof usually pitched between 1 - 7 degrees and is usually quite low offering the minimal permissible height of approx 2.4 metres.

Areas with this type of roof, requiring venting during summer, can only be successfully achieved by venting direct to atmosphere, much the same as venting a raked ceiling that normally has a higher aspect
This approach requires a roof ventilator on the roof with an adjustable type ceiling vent, or register, installed on the underside of the roof ventilator so as to control the velocity of air movement passing through it.

The ceiling vent employed needs to be a highly efficient type that allows a high flow when required and not some questionable plastic product out of a hardware store that works poorly to begin with and not at all when dust gets into the mechanism and breaks as a consequence. Then you end up with a dust trap that continually reminds you of your choice.

Air ingress to this area is critical as the flow could often be high depending on the convection transfer of heat through the roof.

Quality of air is also essential with air ingress via door and windows favouring the southern and eastern side of the area

If you're going to go the trouble of spending time and money do it properly instead of on the cheap, because it will come back and bite the worst possible time.

Ventilation solutions will differ between Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart


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