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condor anti downdraft cowl


condor anti down draft cowl


making your fireplace perform better    
Draftmaster Cowls    

Developed for masonry chimneys and steel flues

slow combustion stoves
and open fireplaces


eliminates downdraft
improves updraft
improves heat output efficiency
introduces appropriate back pressure
minimises excessive heat loss
eliminates carbon build up
non contamination in water harvesting

Since 1983 Condor has a 100% sucess rate in solving wood heater problems


Condor Draftmaster (Cowls) negate downdraft in wood burning fireplaces and heaters and provide a more efficient smoke discharge, as well as allow a cleaner burn cycle in fireplaces and slow combustion stoves through introducing the correct back pressure, and preventing excessive heat loss.

The Draftmaster Series have excellent air/exhaust ratio of discharge so adherence of carbon and other resinous materials does not occur as with the existing generic caps and cowls.
The Condor also eliminates resin drip allowing for uncontaminated water harvesting.

Condor Kinetic have been solving downdraft problems since 1983 and it have a 100% sucess rate.

If Condor can't solve your fireplace problem, pray for divine intervention.........SBD-Architect


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