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The Condor Cupola is the modern day version of the traditional Cupola

Only one required


condor roof ventilator


Ventilating Top Floor of Double Storey Homes

infographic on heat air flow of Condor rood ventilator  
motionless - multi venturi technology

infographic of top floor ventilation


The Dreadnaught motionless roof ventilator is used in both residential & commercial buildings and is the preferred roof unit for most architectural projects

Natural ventilation of buildings in

Residential Homes
Aged care facilities
Indoor Pools & Spas
All cyclonic regions

School sporting and recreational facilities

Pressure air relief for Evaporative
Cooling Systems

Fabricated in stainless steel , never needs maintenance or replacement.

Only one is recommended for a common roof void. One appropriately sized ventilator is more efficient that several smaller.

Selection - double story conventional square / rectangular attic roof area.

210 sq/m
roof area Dreadnaught 350
250 sq/m
roof area Dreadnaught 450
300 sq/m roof area Dreadnaught 550

The abovementioned must be accompanied with air ingress vents either eaves or purge vents

There are variables to be considered, such as type of air conditioning and air conditioning ducting as well as colour and roof material

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