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eaves vents....simple, natural and green




and a must in keeping your home healthy


Keeping the roof space, or attic void, vented allows the house to respond better to changes in ambient conditions

And the best way to vent this area is with metal vents...perforated stainless steel eaves vents that are going to last as long as the house and not deteriorate as the plastic type do in becoming brittle when the plasticisers leach out

The vents need to be easily removable, whether for cleaning, painting or just simple access.

Considering the time and expense one should always focus on the efficiency of the vent and not just the appearance

Condor manufacture a range of stainless steel eaves vents in various sizes

These simple dynamics change the livability and comfort levels in a house and their performance incurs no cost.

Eaves vents come in many different forms....the packaging may attract your attention but it's the design function that provides efficiency of performance, not appearance or cost.

The plastic type have a short life particularly if one is inclined to cleaning them

A vent may have aesthetic acceptability.....but it's efficiency may be something else again, and all you end up with is a good looking a dust trap.

condor eaves & soffit vents


Standard Sizes in mm
......... 450 x 550
500 x 150
..........300 x 300
..........300 x 150
..........300 x 100

Custom sizes also available

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