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Evaporative Air Conditioning Venting System for higher efficiency


Condor Ventilation has developed a ventilation system that allows owners of evaporative air conditioners to have doors and windows closed when using their systems and not have their security compromised.

By channelling the air up into the roof via pressure responsive air relief ceiling register/s and or through adjustable ceiling registers, and out through a specially designed Condor roof ventilator you are able to maximise the return on your running costs and in fact reduce overall consumption.

The Condor Roof Ventilator also functions as a stand alone unit in that it ventilates the roof independently when the air conditioner is not operating. This function also reduces the demand on your air conditioner, not to mention reducing the heat pressure on the ducting. The roof ventilator is heat & pressure driven, so you will minimise heatload loss during winter. There are no moving parts to maintain or replace. Insulation is not overloaded and reduces heat permeation on ducting.


infographic fo Evaporative air conditioning

      Diagrams of performance relate to the use of Condor Kinetic products only.        

Used in both residential & commercial buildings and is the preferred design for most architectural projects

Air relief for Evaporative
Cooling Systems

Natural ventilation of buildings in
Tropical Regions
Indoor Pools & Spas

Selection - is dependent on number of airconditioning outlets in the house.

There are variables to be considered, such as type of airconditioning and airconditioning ducting as well as colour and roof material

One appropriately sized roof ventilator is always more efficient that multiple smaller.


CONDOR Ceiling Registers


ceiling vent


Square or round, the ceiling registers are availiable in 250, 300, 350 and 450mm diameter.
Push / Pull function is easy to open and close using a claw on the end of a rod of suitable length

evaporative pressure relief vent  

All Condor products are architectural in nature in that they are supplied project specific.
Ventilators are supplied as per roof type, pitch and profile enabling correct and efficient installation.

Pressure responsive vent that opens and closes as the evaporative air conditioner creates the pressure by which it opens the self closing flaps when not in use as shown below            
When requesting information about Condor products please advise us of your dwelling type and size, roof type (steel, tile etc.) and your location.    

ceiling pressure relief vent

  The Condor Kinetic Ventilator - the most efficient natural roof ventilator in the world today.