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you don't smell it....but your visitors do

and air fresheners can only do so much

 smell it?

save yourself and do what the smart people do
install Condor 'AirChange' ceiling vents


OdaRid and AirChange ceiling vents and registers, the manually operable pull / push ceiling vent that be opened incrementally.

Pull to open - Push to close, using a rod with claw, no ladders or climbing steps

Wired and wireless remote 12v models are also available

Ensure your rooms ventilate naturally, allowing them to stay fresh, clean and healthy.
Say, hello to cooler rooms in summer, warmer in winter.

A must and 'have to have' for asthmatics
No unwanted odours, and or musty stale air, from body fats, furnishings, pets etc.
No being embarrassed by impromptu visitors, just dropping in!

Best of running costs.


    ceiling vent control raked, cathedral, vaulted ceiling ventilator and ceiling vent

Available in Sizes
250mm dia

Steel construction and resin coated matt white
Slide mechanism in stainless steel and nylon with adjustable tensioning


ceiling vent by Condor


And best of all, no broken plastic pieces that can't be repaired or replaced. Condor PP vents have a 20 year warranty on normal product failure.

Vents are available in different sizes, models and configurations

  refer to Architecural notes

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