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Indoor Pool & Spa Ventilation

ventilation for indoor pool for and Indoor Spa Condor


Without appropriate indoor pool ventilation you encourage the creation, and spread, of odour, the origin of which begins in varying forms of chlorination, salination, coupled with heat and insufficient circulation of the air volume and it's replacement giving rise mould and unpleasant musty odours etc. Unvented and poorly vented wet areas also contribute a degree of odour discomfort throughout the building particularly residential in nature.

Ventilation, whether natural or powered, needs to be well considered in ensuring that solving one ventilation problem, doesn't give rise to another.

Wet areas need continuous and effective ventilation, and in an appropriate manner. Fundamental to venting a pool enclosure is peripheral air entry, approx 400 mm from ground level, and a having central convergence of the air mass prior to discharging to atmosphere. The higher the peripheral air ingress, the greater the incidence of moisture precipitation within the building, especially with a heated water mass without adequate ventilation.

Remember....the greater the activity, the higher the humidity levels and the greater the need for ventilation whether natural or powered ventilation

Cross Flow venting is inefficient and never appropriate for heated enclosures.The venting of wet area heated enclosures require continuous air movement, from high flow to trickle flow.

Dehumidifiers are a refinement to a theme, but should never be the theme itself, as they cannot replace fresh air or introduce oxygen as natural ventilation products offer.

The covering of a heated pool mass is also essential in reducing power consumption. This creates less demand of the ventilation system employed whether it be natural ventilation or powered ventilation products such as dehumidifiers.


infographic for indoor pool and indoor spa


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