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Roof Ventilation

Condor residential interior venting

motionless multi venturi


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The Condor Cupola is the modern day version of the traditional Cupola

Only one required






sikillion roof

double storey

raked or cathedral


'In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king'...
......'where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'

Not all ventilation situations are the same and the home owner is often at the mercy of the influences around them where everybody knows a little, but never enough.

In an age where a wealth of knowledge is available to all.....one is more at a loss than ever....

A professional is a person who can define the problem as regards to requirements, not simply present you with their product as the only solution.

At Condor we specialize solving ventilation problems,..... you may not purchase our product but you won't fault our knowledge.

There are advantages and disadvantages in all products ......a true professional can tell you what they are.... if they can't you're simply talking to a salesman.

A solution needs to resolve all of the problem, and not create another as a consequence.

Installing ventilation is not the same as knowing about ventilation

Efficiency of roof ventilation


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