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Ventilation for Skillion Roof

Rooms with a skillion roof are vented direct to atmosphere

      infographic showing night and day effect
  Condor Kinetic roof ventilator  

The reason a skillion roof requires ventilation more than most conventional rooms is because the height of the room is usually low and the heat load consisting of convected and conductive load, resulting from the sun's radiation on the roof, which has overloaded and permeated through any insulation, and internal heat load, making comfort levels in the living area somewhat quickly unbearable during the summer months.

The best ventilation is an appropriately sized Condor Kinetic Cupola Roof Ventilator, with matching ceiling register, to allow the heat in the room to escape and consequently improve comfort levels without reliance on power assistance.

Sizes vary according to room size and character
The roof ventilator will vent the area direct to atmosphere through the closeable ceiling register which can be adjusted to varied openings

Air-conditioned houses, either refrigerated or evaporative, benefit considerably by having a Condor Kinetic Roof Ventilator installed, to eliminate air conditioner overload and reduce power usage.

Remember, cool air characteristically always falls to the lower region of a room.
It cannot naturally rise up to the ventilator unless mechanically agitated by eg. a ceiling fan.

Ceiling vents and or registers are manually, or electrically opened and closed to any incremental opening within the range. To control heat loss during winter the vents are closed. Electrically operated airflow controllers are also available.

The Condor Roof Ventilator can be structurally mounted to the roof making it ideal for cyclonic regions.
Construction is welded stainless steel and finished with polyester resin in colorbond colours.

Condor ceiling vents and registers can be used with any type of roof ventilator

Fire Risk Areas

All Condor ventilation products are manufactured in Australia so as to maintain high quality control

All Condor ventilation products are architectural in nature in that they are supplied project specific.
Ventilators are supplied as per roof type, pitch and profile enabling correct and efficient installation.

When requesting information about Condor roof ventilators please advise as to your dwelling type and size, roof type (steel, tile etc.) and your location.

Refer to manufacturer for specific colour

The Condor Kinetic Cupola Roof Ventilator - the most efficient natural roof ventilator in the world today.



Rooms of 4 x 4m
Dreadnaught 350 roof ventilator
with matching closable ceiling register
6 x 6metres
Dreadnaught 450 roof ventilator
with matching closable ceiling register

Raked or Cathedral type dwelling ventilators are chosen on individual application as the area being vented is volumetric living area, not roof attic area

This is a general indication as to what is required in respect to roof ventilator sizes using Condor technology

    One appropriately sized roof ventilator is always more efficient that multiple smaller.

    Should more information be required

    refer to Architecural notes

ceiling vent manually controlled
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