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  EnviroDome with Condor

EnviroDome has invested considerable resources in the development of public amenities buildings particularly in remote areas.

The architectural attention to functionality and presentation are key elements and Condor Ventilation contribute significantly to both.

Paul Simpson


Condor SV units were primarily designed for Telecom Optic Fibre Relay solar storage units providing both ingress and egress according to pressure differentials about the building where no dedicated ingress is available and are used in natural and low pressure venting of small, and not so small, areas.

All units supplied are fabricated in stainless steel, to custom fitting requirements, either direct to discharge points or with roof flashing kits.

Current Uses: Natural & Pressure relief of

Aerobic waste systems
Fume cupboards
Solar energy storage cells
Sub basement & Cellar venting
Generator compartments
Portable Toilets
Grain Silos
Gas & Oil

Sizes are as required from 150 - 400mm

Variations to design are always occuring so precise appearance may alter

These units are supplied both 'cowl only' or with the custom base and flashings to suit individual roof profiles and pitch

refer to Architecural notes

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